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Now you can start resetting the calendar. When you first fit the battery... the watch will not actually be working. Don't be alarmed by this the second hand will not start working until you've cleared the circuit board and to clear the circuit board you have to short out the AC contact which i'm pointing to here... and the positive side of the battery. just like this. So just lightly touch them together and hold for a few seconds. This will make the watch start working It will be jumping one second at a time. Now you need to pull the winder fully out... and push it back in. Now it's jumping four seconds at... a time. This means that the memory has been cleared and therefore we need to reset the perpetual calendar if it continues to jump one second at the time that means it's remembered the calendar information and you don't necessarily have to go through the process of reseting the calendar memory however I always do anyway just be a hundred percent sure to start with... we need to zero the calendar ring. That is... to move the calendar ring to the first of the month or so that the calendar displays '1' To do this,

find the contact with '0' printed next to it... it's to the right the winder if... the winder is pointing towards you and you short the yellow contact with the positive side of the battery and you keep doing it each step until the calendar ring moves around to the figure '1' So if we look now... '1' is showing. Now we are ready to set the year. To set the year look for the 'Y' contact which is here so it's just a left of the winder if the winder is pointing towards you. You short it again until you get to the fake rolex cheap correct year. If it is one year away from the leap year then you set it to '1' If you two years away set it to '2' if you're three years away then set '3' if you are actually on a leap year then set it to '4'. For example.... 2012 was a leap year so that would have been '4' this year it is 2013 and so we set it to '1' because this one year after the leap safe replica watch sites year. Next is to month and you press it once to get it into month setting mode. Then you keep pressing until you get it to the correct month showing in the calendar have a quick look This month its September so we need it on '9' So finally we need to set the day Find

the 'D' contact which is here to the right of the winder if the winder is pointing towards you and short once to get into day changing mode and if you listen carefully and you're in a quite room you can actually hear the calendar turning over and it will first go to '1' and then you keep shorting until you get to the correct day... today is the 18th so I am shorting 17 times because it starts off a number one and hopefully if I have done it correctly it will show '18' on the calendar So now we've set calendar and we've set the leap year we've set the month... push to winder in pull it out.... and push the winder in again And we're done. When i say pull the winder out I mean pull it all the way out... Don't pull it midway out There are 3 positions... - All the way in - Mid way out - And fully out [Recap] We have fitted the battery... And reset the calendar. All that's left now is to reseal the watch and to perform a pressure test it is an easy watch to break... so be very very careful when fitting the battery remember that the circuit board is literally paper thinHey guys, Kevin from Replica Magic here. Just going to do a quick tutorial on how to use the Rolex command bezel on the Sky Dweller watch. This is reference number 326933 if you're interested in taking a look at the two tone Sky Dwellers.

All right, so let's go ahead and jump right in. So with the Rolex command bezel, it's as it's name states it's the bezel that does the different types of functions, so with Rolex crowns usually they're nice and tight against the case. All you have to do, unwind counter clockwise. And it'll open up to the first position, the standard position in which you can wind the watch by going clockwise. Usually for most Rolex watches you only need to wind about 15 to 20 times from a dead stop to get the watch going once more. And then, pulling the crown out will be in the final position, or the position that will use the functions of the command ring bezel. So in its current position, going either clockwise or counter clockwise will not do anything, as the ring command bezel is in its standard position. Shifting it over once to the left, as so, will allow let you to adjust the date as shown at the three o'clock position, you see that date window.

Easily adjusted, can go bi-directionally, so you can go forward or backwards on the day. One thing to mention is that it also controls the annual calendar, which is located at the outer ring of the dial, you can see by the small squared apertures, the white squares. Currently the date is located at the first position, at the one o'clock position, you can see as marked by the red. And then as we go over the month at the 31, ticks over to the second clock the two o'clock position. And we can go ahead and do that once more so you can see that once more again. And there we are, right next to the date window. It swapped over. Okay, moving once more to the left with that ring command bezel, now we're able to use the quick hour jump, and this is important as the Sky Dweller is a GMT watch, and allows for the tracking of two time zones via the off tudor replica watches center GMT dial as shown. And the hour hand itself will move independent of the minute and the seconds hand, so it will keep the exact timing as you shift the hour hand throughout. So an example of this, let's say it is 10 o'clock in London, we can go ahead and move to the Philippines hour which is seven hours ahead, so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. And there we are, we're at the Philippines time at the exact minute, exact seconds, but now we have it at the five o'clock position. Okay, moving on we're going to go ahead and move on to the final command ring bezel function. And that's just to allow precise time setting which is allowing to adjust the both the hour and minute hand bi-directionally, stopping at a seconds hand for precise time settings so you can match the seconds down to something such as an atomic clock online, you can match the seconds exactly. And it also allows you to adjust that GMT sub dial, off center sub dial as you can see. See like let's just say, let's use that Philippines example one more time. Before, London we had it at the 10 o'clock position. And then we'll go seven hours ahead. Believe we had it around the 5:10 time. And there we are. And then we can simply shift it back once. And use that quick hour jump to put us back at the London time at the 10 o'clock position. Now we have that time zone of the Philippines time on that sub dial,

and we have the London time on the main portion of dial. Okay, so not too hard to learn. And quite frankly, very nice to have. All right, so if you're interested in these types of watches, check out our website at, or if you're interested in more of these blog just best replica watches online take a look through our YouTube channel. If you like the blogs please like and subscribe below, thanks for read, hope to see you guys soon. - [Male] If you want to find out more about the watch you just saw on the blog, you can just click below on show more to see the full description, then you can check the link next to as seen in blog. Click on it, and watch replica shop you will get to the proper page where you can see all the details. If you're read on a mobile phone, you have to click on the arrow down on the right hand side below the blog to see the full description. If you like this blog, please give us a thumbs up. If you would like to share this blog with your friends, you can use the share button below and share it on any platform you like. If you have questions, constructive feedback, want to tell us about some mistakes or misspeaks, just write a comment below.

If you want to see more blogs like this, you should subscribe to our channel and visit our channel page where you can find all the blogs and if you're interested in a specific watch brand you can check out our playlists. If you want to check the price for a watch or want to buy one, remember at you'll always get a steep discount so you should check the prices with us. If you want to know the price for a specific watch, just go to Google, type in Replica Magic plus brand, model, and the details you're interested The Best Summer Replica Watches For Men in and Google will find the right page for you. Thank you for read.Welcome to Replica Magic. Today we're gonna be comparing the Rolex Deepsea 116660 on your left with the Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 on your right. We're gonna talk about the price, the dial, the case, the bracelet, the buckle, and the movement. And then let you know where at, that's, you can buy it for the lowest price anywhere online. So let's go ahead and start. The Rolex Deepsea, as you see it here, 116660, has a retail price of $12,050 as of November 2016. You can buy it as for between $9,600 and $10,000. Now the Rolex Yacht-Master II you see here on your right, 116680, has a retail price of $18,750 and at you can buy it for as low at $13,700. So, they do have a price difference of about $4,000, the Deepsea being a bit cheaper but we're gonna go through and tell you why you might want to choose one over the other.

So let's go ahead and start. First, let's start with the dial. Now, comparing the dials, we're gonna start with the Deepsea. Here on the Deepsea you'll see that it's obviously black and it has luminous hour markers, circular luminous hour markers, and those luminous hour markers glow blue. They glow for roughly eight hours and it has a white gold surround on the hour markers so each one of those hour markers are encased in 18 carat white gold to prevent tarnishing. Okay, so, and you'll notice on the Deepsea, it's all black and it has white lettering. Now, what's quite interesting about the Yacht-Master, which is what we're going to compare to next, is the Yacht-Master has not only blue hands, as you can see here, it's in fact it's one of the only Rolex's that I can think of that uses blue hands and it also has blue accents throughout. You see this 10 minute counting marker? That's ap replica watch all in blue. And, interestingly, it's also one of the only Rolex's that I can think of that uses red accents, or modern Rolex's that use red accents. So you see a red second hand, a red 10 minute countdown, and some red accents throughout. And what makes it so quite unique is with all these accents they were still able to figure out how to keep the watch luminous at nighttime. So, I'm gonna try to show you what it looks like.

Going back to the Deepsea, it glows blue. Okay, that didn't work so well. So we're gonna skip that part. But that's the dials. Now, moving on to the bezel, what's great about the new style bezels as of 2007 is that these bezels are made of ceramic. And what is so great about ceramic is that it doesn't fade, it doesn't chip, it doesn't crack, unless you hit it really hard and in that case, it would. But for normal use, it really won't. So this bezel will stay this way, pretty much, forever. Now, on the Deepsea, it has a command ring bezel, unidirectional that you can use to calculate elapsed time. You put the paraloid, which is the thing that I'm pointing to right there, you put it on the minute hand. And after, let's say, 15 minutes the minute hand will move over and it will end up looking replica watch store new york something like this. You simply read down here at the bezel and that'll tell you how far, how much time has elapsed. And that bezel, in contrast with this Yacht-Master II, the Yacht-Master II the bezel obviously is in blue, but what is quite interesting is that it has a 10 minute command ring. Now, we're not gonna go into how to use it in this blog because we have another blog on our YouTube channel where we describe and teach you how to use this function, king-replica watches okay? But suffice it to say, it is blue, it's ceramic, and, if you'll notice, the next thing we're gonna talk about is case size. You'll notice that both of these watches are 44 millimeters. In fact, that makes them the largest of any of the Rolex's currently being made, or ever have been made. So we're comparing the two largest Rolex's made. So let's move on to the case. As I told you earlier, the case is 44 millimeter.

That means from my thumb to my index finger, the distance between those two is 44 millimeters. And that goes, and that's the same louis vuitton fake watches with the Yacht-Master II. Thumb to index finger, 44 millimeters. So, if you want a big watch, this certainly is the watch to be getting. Okay, now let's take a look at another very important factor which is the profile, okay? The profile is important because you're gonna be wearing this thing under your cuff or you're gonna be wearing a suit over it or whatever, you don't want it to be too fat. Or maybe you have a big wrist and you do want it fat. So, that depends on you. Now this is the profile of the Deepsea. And I'm gonna hold it side-by-side to see the profile of the Yacht-Master II. Okay, now you see them side-by-side, they're roughly, they look pretty similar, but you'll notice that the Deepsea is just, it's still bigger. Now, you might think, well, the Yacht-Master II on the right has more complications and movements so it should be thinner but the thing is, the Deepsea goes down to 12,000 meters. That's a lot of depth and so you got to have a strong case and a very thick sapphire crystal for all that to happen. So, in terms of profile, or thickness, the Deepsea has won out in terms of size. Okay? Now, let's move on to the next thing which is the bracelet.

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