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But what you get is actually a very beautiful case that kind of has this...I almost want to say it has like a granite finish to it, believe it or not with the textures, but yet is very smooth. It's very smooth to the touch and, most important, it's extremely light. Man, I'm talking about this is probably the lightest watch you're going to wear and most of, obviously, the lightest watches in the market are carbon. So going over a little bit about the characteristics of the watch. It's a 44mm case and, if you've heard me say it before, AP says 44mm, but in reality the watch is a bit bigger. I for one, the stainless steel and the gold seem to fit a little bit too big for my liking, at least for my wrist size, but the carbon fits perfect. Very light watch. I can't seem to stress that any more. I wore one one time for a whole month. I just couldn't take it off. And when I went to put on a steel Offshore like this, it felt like it weighed 1000 pounds. It has a ceramic bezel, which is a very great upgrade. A very large, better said, upgrade. Some of the other watches in the past, like the Grand Prix, had that forged carbon bezel or the Elini, and it kind of was problematic. The carbon bezel can flake and stuff like that. Great change with the ceramic. It looks very good and it's also very durable.

Chronograph function, just like any of the other AP chronographs with the date. Automatic movement, rubber strap, titanium buckle. Very nice watch, very stealthy, so if you're looking for a very sporty watch, this would definitely be it. So with the retail price of roughly around $37,000, you could probably pick one up pre-owned for a minimum of $25,000. This is not replica watches exact a watch for obviously a beginner collector. But if you are in that market and you're capable of spending that much, this is probably going to be one of the most comfortable and best daily wears you'll ever have. If you can go around and get into that whole forged carbon trip, you're going to love it. It's so comfortable, so understated and, as far as the Watch Game goes, it's serious. So if you're looking to buy one preowned, I would say $25,000 would be kind of an area where you want to be. They can be a little bit more. Things you want to look at is the condition of the carbon, the carbon case. That's one thing that I want to stress. Carbon cannot be refinished. I'm sure you could send it to AP, and I top 10 replica watch websites know they could refinish it, but it's not like a steel or a gold watch where it can be refinished - so that's very important. The carbon has to be in good condition. Take a close look at the ceramic bezel as well. If it has any chips or deep scratches, that as well cannot be fixed. But if other than that it's fine, you're going to have a fantastic piece that I can guarantee you you're going to love. If you like this blog,

don't forget to like and share. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!Hey guys this is Kevin from And today we'll be doing comparisons between three different watches at three different price points. Starting from the left here, we have the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, reference number 114300. Then the center we have the Rolex Datejust 41, reference number 126333. And then we have the Rolex Day-Date President 40 here on my very right and that's reference number 228238. We'll be going over the pricing, the dial bezel case crown bracelet class, and we'll talk about the movements towards the end of the blog. Specifically, this blog is just to show you guys what you can expect at different price points for Rolex's and hopefully find one that works for you. So starting off with the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. You can get this at an authorized Rolex Retailer for $5,700 or you can get it from for $4,200. The Datejust 41, in the center here, you can get this from an authorized Rolex Retailer for $12,050 or come to for $10,100.

And at the very end here, this full gold Day-Date President, you're looking at $34,850 for the retail pricing, and then you can come to and get it for as low as $26,000. Alright, so let's go ahead and take a look at the dials of these watches. Start off from the Oyster Perpetual, we can see very different color dial compared to the other two. As the other two are champagne dials. The color configuration you can be expecting from a Rolex Oyster Perpetual, you can see it in either this grape red color, either a blue or a rhodium, which is sort of a grayish silver color. Where as the two higher tiers of the Rolex's, the Datejust 41 and the Day-Date 40, you're looking to see those color configurations for your dials. Specifically for the Datejust you're looking at a silver champagne or black dial and for the Day-Date President you can get that in either the roman numeral hour markers that's shown here for white or champagne or the NX marker similar to the Day-Date 41's. You can get that in a champagne, silver or black. Besides that the hour markers are different as well. We can see on the Oyster Perpetual we only have luminous hour markers on the three six nine position with the other hour markers just being a 18 karat white gold. Where as the center, hamilton replica watches sale the champagne Datejust here, we have each NX hour marker fully luminous you can tell by the white strips in the hour marker itself. And they're highly legible chromo light displays with long lasting blue luminescence. And for the Day-Date we're looking at Roman Numerals in solid 18 karat yellow gold but no luminosity. So this will have harder viewing at night, of course, with nothing illuminating the watch. However, you can get the same index markers on Datejust for the Day-Date 40 as well. So, this is just if you want the solid 18 karat yellow gold roman numerals.

Alright, another difference is that the hands as you can see towards, from the Oyster Perpetual to the Datejust we have luminous hand tips. As you can see there's little white stripes as well. Where as the Day-Date President is just a solid 18 karat yellow gold. Alright, besides that other noticeable differences is that no date on the Oyster Perpetual. We have a day of the three o'clock position with cyclops lens for magnification and easier view. Now that date on the Datejust 41 and the Day-Date President we're looking at both of the date at the 3:00 position as well as the day at the 12:00 position. As you can see it's saying Thursday at the very top there. Besides that we still have very simple text at the 12:00 position for each watch.

So that was the first thing that I liked with this new series. A couple of other little things you don't notice is that they chanced the buckle mechanism. Now, a lot of guys come and tell me they don't like that, but that's because they haven't worn it. The original AP deployant clasp by design and look is really cool. When you wear one, it's not so cool. I think it's a bit uncomfortable, honestly. I think they wanted that desi perfect rolex submariner replica review gn. They wanted to keep that trend going with the AP on the buckle on the deployant clasp, but it just doesn't work for me. When you try on one of these new style buckles, this is where it's at. It's a narrower version than the diver, so it's not so fat looking, and I think they really hit right on this one. When you put this strap on, it feels correct. I get it. It doesn't give me the luxury feel of a deployant clasp, but this is a sports model. You want a deployant clasp? Get a Royal Oak. You understand what I mean? That's another thing you're gonna notice right off the back with this watch. Some of the other features also include that they finally made a sapphire, clear caseback and it's about time, because all of these Royal Oak Offshores, the themed editions, have some really nice movements and they weren't showing it off and I feel like people needed that.

So now besides all these things I'm saying, now we got clear case back, which adds a lot because we're able to see a little bit of what we're paying for. You don't have to wait till your watch gets opened up by somebody or a watchmaker to finally see what you've bought. As far as the crown guards go, there's a couple of little minimal changes that they made. They're mode aesthetic than functional and the dials are pretty much the same theme, with the waffle design, except that they kind of made...they changed up the hands a little bit and the numbers a bit thinner. Other than that, the dimensions are exactly the same on the watches, besides the colors. The navy is no longer really the navy, which had the white background with submariner replica watch the blue sub-dials. affordable replica Watches Now the navy is just a straight up all navy. And I kind of like this version, my favorite, you know? Happens to be this is probably the only one that comes from AP with the rubber strap.

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Then you got this one, which people said replaced the Panda. No more Panda! This is called the Vampire now. I don't know where they come up with these names. I just follow the names that people call them. This is very nice too by the way. You also have the Elephant, which is gray on gray. This one tends to be probably my favorite one. I just feel like it goes with everything. The Safari, you know, I'm not really that happy with the new Safari dial, man. I kind of like the original cream color of the first variation. I think it's still nice because I'm an AP fan, but I just think it's the one that I least like. I don't know. I don't know how I feel yet about it. I guess the ideal scenario would be to just have all of them. [laughing] You know? I guess if I had to choose one from the whole new lineup, it would probably be the Elephant. And I'm keeping this review on just the stainless Offshore models. I've already done a blog in the past on the rose gold ones, but I would say the Elephant is my favorite one just because I like the gray on gray. I thought it was something different and something fresh. Retail price stayed the same at $26,000. You can expect to pay for one of these watches nowadays in the market, you can easily pay from retail to as low as $19,500 for an unworn one.

Pre-owned ones are right now in the market from $18,000 to $17,500. That's kind of where they are right now. It's a fairly new model, so it's gonna be a while before they drop down into the mid teens, so right now that's where we're at. As far as the Watch Game goes, any time you have an AP on, you're obviously somebody that knows about watches, so you're obviously standing strong in hublot big bang replica watches the Watch Game. If you like this blog, please like and share. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style.baidoa michael are going to use dot com take a look at a men's relax chilling in eighteen karat sala roles cold interesting thing with the xml actually uses the hinge lugs they come with it has a comes in the original rolex leather strap as you can see it doesn't look to a bit more nervous warned very sampling cert on there's indirect not including the walk sign crown as you can see that has the relax om emblem on the classed as well block eleven sits in the back of the blog come to the original box and paperwork in the initial hang tag wishes come back from port inspection answer cation for our master watch maker in is guaranteed to be one of sent authentic relax it does come with the full one-year warranty from lodi antiques resume new wind caliber movement the reference number in the swatches five three three zero and does carry a prefix serial bomber pitney courses in the swatch many others because tiffany watch replica he was called shop two three nine six

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